Thursday, June 30, 2011

#35 On my way to 100 pounds gone

4 More pounds and it will be officially 100 pounds lost sense Nov. Should have it knocked out by July 4th. Mini goal 4 pounds six days. Not much time but I need to hit that goal. 
I did not get a chance to work out today and I know tomorrow is going to be tough as well. I just have to step it up. ALOT!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

#34. off the wagon and back on!!!

Ok so I have seriously neglected this blog and I also neglected some / most of my goals for the past few months.
But I can say I am getting back on track.
I also have a ton of great news to share as well.
I have not lost much more weight sense Feb. But I have not gained anything back so that is a good thing.
Now for all the good news!!!
Anytime Fitness recognized me for being a inspiration to others and rewarded me $1,000

I am now working at Anytime fitness as an H2i (Hired 2 Inspire) It is so awesome to see my weight loss has really started to take me to new places. We also have a FaceBook page you will have to check out @ Anytime Fitness Toledo, Iowa
It really is great to be able to work at the gym where I have lost so much weight and achieved so much. I get to help people reach for there goals. I do hope I can keep up with this better and get a larger support community with it as well. Not just for myself but for all those who read it.