Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#27 Christmas traveling

Yep it is that time of season. Traveling to visit family and friends wich most will have food I should not be eating.
So I need a game plan on how to avoid eating junk foods and over eating.
This year I have a secret weapon. Now just making sure I put it to use.
So what is my weapon, well it is knowledge. That is kind of lame, We all have some knowledge and have failed years past. So yes there is more this year along with better knowledge I have actually fond things that seem to work great.
1: Chia seeds. I can not get over how lame that sounds but I am convinced hook line and sinker. They just work. So I have my to go pocket container of chia seeds. I know if I have two tablespoons with my first meal of the day and two more early afternoon my cravings and feeling hungry are all but gone.  
Next is smoothies. I can just pack so many veggies and other reach food into one glass that with the chia seed I am just full for hours. I could have 3 smoothies all day and never be hungry. In fact 2 is good enough to where I do not even eat much for a meal.
As I gave some of the ingredients I use in my smoothies in post #25 and I am trying to get some video uploaded so you can check them out.
Also I have it planed to take the girls out walking around and to the park right after dinners and meal times. This really helps me keep my amount down as I know if I eat tell I am stuffed I will not get off my butt.
As for traveling I plan on having a smoothie before we leave each time. I am even considering taking my blender and groceries with just to make sure every thing is easy and available. And only reachable driving snacks are cauliflower, fruits and dried fruits.

I wish every one a Merry Christmas and God Bless be safe have fun and enjoy every minute you can.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#26 Gruve week one

Well as most of you know I got a Gruve a little over a week ago and do to several emails and request I will give some updated feed back on it.
As some of you have concerns with people having difficulties I have some thoughts on this as well.
Set up was very easy getting it to run smoothly on updating and reading from my computer not so much.
I have Macs so this my be only for Mac users. I found to get things to work smoothly you need to
One, make sure you have silver light plugin (a stupid microsoft flash thing that is junk!!!!) and if you are using more then one Gruve (husband and wife's) it is wise to use two different browsers. Like the husband only uses Firefox for all of his anytime health web usage and the wife only use safari or Chrome.
Things seem to get confused with multiple accounts and users.
As far as tracking goes well it does work effortlessly. However I do not like how it is suggested to move the location in which you carry the gruve depending on the exorcise. For example it is suggested you put the gruve on your sock if you are doing any bicycling, on you wast for walking and even as far as on your arm for upper body workouts such as bench press.
I do not know about you but that is just to much work for me!!! So I just through it in my pocket and let it be.
So summery of week one. They could have chosen better software and plugins for a more stable and user friendly experience.
Two if you want me moving this thing around to be more effective then make it easier. Sell a wrist and ankle bands that it works well with instead of having to fight with the belt clip thing.
It does have value so do not get me wrong it is a nice reminder and helps you stay active. I just do not know what kind of monetary value I would put on it yet.

#25 Why am I always hungry

I have always wondered why I was hungry all the time. I mean I used to get done with a very large meal and within an hour some times as little as 15 min I would be hungry.
I always got told that it was in my head, or I needed to shrink my stomach, or fifty other reasons that where my fault.
Well the only thing that was my fault was not listening to my body. I was hungry for a reason, sure I just ate a ton of food but I never linked being hungry afterwords that the food I ate was not what my body needed to be satisfied.
I am very happy today to be able to share I have found a way to have a less then 500 calorie meal and be very satisfied for hours.
I can now eat literally as little as 1/8 to 1/4 of what I ate before and be more satisfied and fuller longer then ever before in my life. Also I now feel better then I can ever remember feeling. I feel better now even being almost 300 pounds over weight then I ever remember feeling as a kid.
I know this sounds like a infomercial  trying to sell you the next big gimmick but I am not selling anything every thing I share with you you can find at your grocery store, health food store, or online.

I will upload some video over the next few weeks just because it is easier for me to share that way then by written word.
So for know I will give some ingredients. One note is I try and use Organic and local as much as possible.
There are huge benefits to eating foods that are not GMO, sprayed with chemicals, and every other bad thing they do to our food.

The list,
Water none fluorinated as pure as you can get (NOT DISTILLED) with an alkaline level of as close to 7 as you can get.

One is high quality vitamins, minerals and supplements. I do not want to put anything into my body that I do not know what is in it and where it is coming from.

Colorful Veggies and fruit. What I mean by colorful is get as many different colors a day as you can.
Green veggies I hold a little higher on the list because good greens have really great benefits.

Chia seeds, yes cha cha cha chia pet. Come to find out Chia seeds have huge benefits, to many to list all of them. For weight loss they help you fill fuller longer. I mean a table spoon or two in the morning and late afternoon can really curb your appetite.
Ounce for ounce Chia has
8 Times More Omega-3s Than Salmon
30% More Antioxidants Than Blueberries
25% More Fiber Than Flax Seed
6 Times More Calcium Than Whole Milk
50% More Folate Than Asparagus
15 Times More Magnesium Than Broccoli
3 Times More Iron Than Spinach
2 Times The Potassium Of A Banana

 all above number are pulled from various online resources.  

There are even more benefits but as I said I am not going to list them all. If you do a search you will find a ton of info and just as many places selling their brand.
I know I have said a few times food matters. It just still surprises me how much just changing what I eat has done and continually doing. It seems every week I learn more and put it to practice the better I feel, the more energy I have, and the happier I am.
I hope to put every thing together for others to easily digest and get the benefits I wish I could have figured out 20 years ago.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Well what a past week after fighting some small illness last week it has been hard getting on track.
Last night my lovely wife demanded pizza ranch which is an all you can eat buffet. Needless to say I did not show as much self control as I would have liked to. It would have not been so bad if I would have had a chance to hit the gym before hand but I did not get that opportunity.  After we ate I became exhaustedly tired. So after we finally got home and the kids to bed I decided to hit the gym and try and burn at least some of the empty, fatty, calories I consumed. Nothing like hitting the gym at 11:30 at night. I did feel better after going to the gym.
Here are some photos I actually think I am seeing some physical progress now.

Yes I am in socks! Why? I forgot to bring gym shoes with and it was snowing and crappy out side so I worked out sock footed instead of tracking winter grime all over the gym and equipment.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

#23 Gruve

Well some really good news. I got a Gruve yesterday which seems pretty cool and a really good idea. Now I will put it through it's paces and let you all know what I think. I am glad that there are still people out there willing to trade services and goods instead of monetary only. Cash is tight these days. It was really awesome for the owners of the Gym I go to, be willing to trade a Christmas photo shoot for a Gruve and one year subscription. I can not wait to deliver there photos to them next week.

On a downside I have not felt the best the past two days so I have not went to the gym. I hope I feel better tomorrow because I need to go to the gym and get my work out on. I almost think not going to the gym is causing me to feel wore.  In fact should just go to bed because I am having a hard time focusing on what I wanted to say.
Good night all.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

#22 18 days till Chirstmas

I can not believe Christmas is almost here and the year is gone AGAIN. I remember as a kid the years seemed to take forever to pass. Now it seems like the past 10 years have just blown by.
It is also hard to believe the first month at the gym has went by already. However I also feel I need to go to the gym every day now. I definitely think it is now a habit. which I have always heard it only takes 21 days to make something a habit. This is one good habit to have. I look forward to going to the gym now especially of stringth training days. Cardio takes a little bit of a push out the door but it is getting easier.
I can not believe how much better I feel already. If I stay at the pace I am at as far as energy increasing and overall mood I will be one active happy person here in a few months. Not bad coming from being worn out just walking into a store only a couple of months ago.
I have really started to notice my clothes fitting better as well as being able to put more into each workout.
Finding the right foods and being able to afford enough for the family has been a challenge to say the least. So far we are managing but it is tuff. I would say good whole food is probably the hardest challenge so far. Every thing else just takes a bit of drive. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

#21 Food Matters Alot

In the past month I have been going to the gym almost every day which is a good thing and I really do enjoy it. I have worked out in the past and at one time I worked out daily for a little over a year straight.
However this time is a bit different. I am seeing more results and more benefits from what I am doing. Realistically this should not be, I am 10 years older now and a lot worse shape. So what is different? The past week or so I have really tried to figure out why and to see if I can continue and keep going the way that I am without hitting that usual brick wall and plateau. The biggest thing I can come up with is my diet, What I am eating. 

Ok I am not one of those guys that likes to promote anything and like many am very annoyed at people who seem to push things left and right. However I do like to be able to find good factual information when I look for it with out wadding through a bunch of self promoting trash.

 I feel the need to talk about how important the food that we eat is.  I really did not know how poor food choices were really detrimental to me. I started my weight lose this time with a more complete out look and have really focused on the foods that I eat. We have all heard you are what you eat, What I am finally realizing is how true and how much what we eat effects us in almost every way. From energy to feeling satisfied and not hungry.
Not wanting to sound like one of those spazzes that goes on and on about Organic this and only eat these foods, I really wish I would have tried and tested it for my self years ago.
I know you are supposed to eat lots of fruit and vegetables every day what I did not realize is how much easier and better tasting some of the Organic foods are compared to the normal and some "natural" options.
I do not know if my tastes have changed because I have cut so many bad foods out or if there really is that big of a difference. Most of the Organic food I eat tastes how I remember foods tasting when I was a  child. But now I really do desire Organic foods. I used to never eat many fruits and vegetables even though I liked them and even some times desired them but when I would eat them they were not satisfying. Now that we have tried to switch all our foods to Organic and GMO free (genetically modified organism) I really like to eat more of those foods every day not just once in a while. I now have a hard time not eating a whole bunch of bananas or a dozen apples, even foods I have not eaten sense I was a kid like pairs, tomatoes, raisins, I can not seem to get enough of them, Vegetables are the same way I now want spinach cauliflower, salads, and broccoli  every day. 
All of this is really good but there are a few downsides to trying to eat just Organic.
The first is budget. I know there are alot of people out there that say Organic is not more expensive but I have not found that. In fact most things are any where from 1/3 to 1 1/2 more expensive. If you are like us we have a very hard time budgeting in a grocery bill costing twice as much as it used to.
The next downside is availability. Living in the midwest one would think that Good wholesome Organic food would be easy to find, In reality it is not. We have to drive 20 miles one way to get to a store that sells some organic foods, Our local Farway just does not have much if any Organic and GMO free foods.
So can food choice really be effecting how I feel, sleep, and the energy I have every day now. I really think it is. I would like to know if anyone else has had similar results or be willing to try eating better for a few weeks and let me know if you have similar results.
I have found some really great resources that I will link at the bottom of my blog as well.
The first is The Cornucopia Institute Which is a great guide and resource for Organic brands good and bad. They have some good score cards as well as other information that I find useful.
The Next is a great resource for GMO Free Non-GMO Shopping Guide They have Shopping guides as the name suggests as well as other information and resources that are very useful. I suggest taking the time to read some of their information on GMO's Is a interesting to read.
There are a few more and I will add them to the bottom of blog so they are easy resources for me to find again as well as you.
Thanks and I hope to hear your opinions on this.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


What a week,
Thanksgiving has come and gone, It was our first year of trying some healthier choices on traditional dishes. I must say that sweet potato styx are awesome and a huge hit with the family. All you do is cut sweet potatoes like steak fries brush a bit of olive oil on them and dust with paprika. Back at 350 until soft and just starting to caramelize on the edges. Just awesome you have to try them. 
However even trying to watch our foods and intake Thanksgiving dinner ended up being a 1300 calorie dinner. I was really hoping to get it closer to 800 but hey it was great and back to better foods.
I have been working on a program for the gym that really kicks my butt, which is a good thing and I really do feel better after working out. For cardio I have started doing a thing called Peak 8 and it sounds easy but the best I have been able to do is five. It is just killer. Here is a link that gives some details
They make is sound really good but as with anything on the net I take with a grain of salt until I can say if it works for me. Plus when they say listen to your body do so, one day the recumbent bike shut down on me because my heart rate was too high like 190 high. So if you try it be carful and work you way up it is killer. I have not weighed lately but my energy just keeps growing. I was able to work on the house and get more done in the past week then I have been able to for more then a year. I will try and get a video up here in the next week or two I have just been trying to spend less time on the computer.
Thank you all for your support and comments I do enjoy being able to share something useful for others as well.  

Sunday, November 21, 2010

# 19

I am losing my creativity on what to title posts as, so for now I will start numbering them and add a title when I can think of something to call it.
Well the Past week has went very well I have made it to the gym every day.
I will say that eating healthy can be a lot more expensive then foods of poor health quality.
Our house hold grocery bill has went up by over 25% which is a lot when you are a single income family of 4 on a budget. So far we have managed but Beans are on the menu more then I would like.
On the plus side I entered a couple of contests on Anytime Health so votes would be Awesome!
Click here to vote for the Best Club culture Photo
Click here to vote for Best Holiday Family Photo!
The extra money would be real nice especially with Christmas and all the extra bills that come with this time of year.
All in all I think things are going really good. I wish the wife would let me eat fish more often but hey you can not have every thing. Don't get me wrong we are having fish 3 times a week or more if I can.
I have been tracking my calories on Anytime Health and it really does make a big difference when you can see every thing that you have eaten for the day.
Keeping track of all the food you eat and how many calories really is a more helpful tool then I would have ever thought it to be. I would suggest that anyone wanting to lose any weight needs to keep a food log. I have linked both Anytime Health as well as calorie counter at the bottom of the page I suggest checking them out they have some great resources. 
Anyways that is enough for now please feel free to comment or ask any questions.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SIX WEEK check up

Went to the Dr. to day for a check up to see if I could stay off blood pressure meds and a basic checkup.
Good news my blood pressure dropped over 15 points on the higher # and 20 points on the lower #. The Dr. said I was low enough to stay off blood pressure meds and very improved for a short time. I also lost 15 pounds making it 35 pounds in 6 weeks. I was very happy with the results I would have liked to have seen a larger #'s but that is alright.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wooped by Dumb Bells

Ok I know free weights are harder I used to lift a little bit YEARS ago and I really liked using dumb bells they seemed to give a fuller work out. However starting week two at the gym may have been a bit like looking at a grand buffet. It really looked like a good idea to start with but in the end I did get my but handed to me. I even took a good 20% off the weight I was using on the machines and still felt as week as a school girl. Definitely not the feeling I was looking for. It really did not help when I tried to sit up on the bench and realized I was to fat to even do that, I had to role off the bench and git up off the floor. Just another blow to the old ego. How did I ever let myself get this fat I can not even sit up.
 Now do I go on with free weights or back to the machines for a bit more? Decisions decisions

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week five over!

Week five was the start of the gym.
The first week at the gym went a lot better then I thought it would.
I went every day spending an average of an hour and sometimes even a bit more.

I have spent a lot more effort on tracking what I eat and calorie intake thanks a lot to the gym I go to also has a website with a ton of resources and great tools you can check the web side out at 
I usually do not like to link other pages but I really think they have some great tools that actually help when it comes to trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Monday I go to the Dr. to see if my blood pressure has come down enough to avoid meds. The Dr gave me 4 weeks to get it down so we will see if diet, nutrition, and some exercise lowered my blood pressure.
I will also be abel to check my weight and get the numbers from the blood test he took 6 weeks back.
I have been waking up with a lot of energy almost bouncing out of bed and down the stairs, I have found this the best time to get some things done and head to the gym as soon as I can. It does not last all day though but I am not dead in the evening either.
Well more latter thanks for reading.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Support Groups????

So as I browse the web I see more and more talk about support group for weight loss. As in the are either highly recommended or even necessary.
The problems I have with this is I really do not like to lean on people or even open up. I like to think that I should be able to do this on my own. Plus I do not want to be embarrassed when I go to use a piece of equipment or go do something and I am to fat to fit or do it. It is bad enough by my self I do not want an audience for such things. For example at the gym I just started I have already found 5 machines or things I am too large to fit in to be able to use. I do not need anyone around to see that it is depressing enough as it is.
So is a support group really good and how do you go about finding one that can truly understand that you do not fit in this world and just need help and a push to change that.

Day two at the Gym

Well I was not as sore today as I thought I would be. However I was not as gun ho as I was yesterday. I did get a work out in but I do not think it was as productive as the day before. On the up side I did go!
I took a couple of snap shots with the phone to share/ show a some what starting point this is after I have already lost at least 20 pounds so I was a bit bigger 4 weeks ago. 

enjoy and thanks for tagging along.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Gym in town!!

A new Gym opened up in town and guess what? They say they will let fat people work out there. Which is a huge up side sense I am...... you know FAT. They also have a lot more equipment and have 24 hour access. The down side is it is $150 more a year ooouch that hurts the wallet.
So I got a membership and put in my first workout today. It went better then I thought but I will see if I say the same in the morning. Here is a a photo of me (taken with cell phone low quality) trying to get my workout on.

I can not believe how large I am I do not feel I am that big. I hope I feel good enough or at least devoted enough to go back tomorrow.

Friday, October 29, 2010

While in Rome do not wonder!

I am out of town for a few days and let me tell you outside of my comfort zone things get real tough. I have had a hard time just trying to keep up my base diet and nutrition plan and my energy level has really paid a price. My water intake has probably Been cut in at least half and the food we have had as been very delicious but not as nutrishious. So off to the store I go I need me some veggies, water, and juice.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week Three

Hey all, Week three not much to say here I will let the little vid do the talking for now.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another workout WALL!!!

Well it turns out I will not be able to work out at the therapy place after all. They did not like that my heart rate went up to 165+ after a few minutes of working out and they said I am to heavy so until I lose another 70+ pounds and have a better heart rate I could not work out there.
So how is a Fat person supposed to try and get into shape and lose weight. I guess if you are too fat you are just a lost cause in our society.
Bottom line I just can not accept that! Solution? I do not have one yet but I am working on it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

On the road to Working out!

On my way to see if I can start working out at a place in town. We do not live in a big area and do not have an actual gym. There is a physical therapy place that will sometimes allow you to work out (for a monthly fee) on there equipment. They do not have a lot of stuff but they do have enough for me. I just hope I can get pumped enough and ambitious enough to want to go every day and get some improvements.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shopping Tip #2 whole vs multi

We all know that whole grain breads and pastas are better for us. So what about multi grain, well multi grain most the time is just a marketing gimmick to mislead those of us that are trying to shop healthy.
Multi grain only means that there are multiple grains used not that they are whole grains. So in short some multi grain products are no better for us then bleached processed white flour products they just charge more by giving us the assumption that it is good for us because they have used more then one type of grain. Whole grain is the healthiest breads and pastas to buy. Make sure you read all the labels.

Week Two

So is it possible to be over weight and malnourished? The more I look into it the more information says yes. In fact it may be that most people who fight with weight loss are malnourished in one way or another. 
One of the things that got me started in this direction is over the past year my Dr. noticed in a  routine blood test that my vitamin D was the lowest he ever seen. Over the next few months of slowly increasing my vitamin D it took 5000 I.U. a day to get my vitamin D to a normal level. that is more them 5X the maximum suggested daily amount. 
So what if I am this deficient in all areas?
Where do I start?

Step One. Honey. HONEY you may ask why honey.
Let me explain, honey contains protein, vitamins, (B6, Thiamin, Niacin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, and certain Amino acids), Minerals (Calcium, copper, Iron, Magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc) and antioxidants  but no cholesterol.
Honey also absorbs into the bloodstream very easily, giving you a quick energy boost. It also has a certain potassium salts that make it a phenomenal moisture absorber and a great killer of germs and bacteria. This also helps it draw excess fluid from the blood, lowering blood pressure.
Honey has also been used for weight loss.
So honey seemed a very reasonable place to start. There are a lot of great resources on honey I suggest you check in to them.
So I take a Table spoon in the morning after I have about 20 Oz of my first 40+ OZ  of water and a table spoon about an hour before I go to bed and a tea spoon for some hunger pains through the day with a glass of water. 

Step Two. Vitamins and supplements.
I have done a lot of reading and to tell you the truth so many things sound like they would be good or even needed. Lets be real if I tried to buy every vitamin and supplement I would be spending hundreds of dollars a month.  I do not have that kind of money, so I am starting with what I can afford and going from there.
1: One a Day for men I take two of these in the morning after I have a table spoon of honey and 20+ OZ of water. 
2: vitamin D 2000 I.U. in the morning (down from 5000 I.U. sense others contain vitamin D)
3: vitamin C 1000 mg in the morning.
4: Niacin 500 mg with first meal.
5: Triple Omega Omega 3-6-9 three a day, one with each meal or a snack. 

Step Three: Food intake,
I do not have any better start on this then the average joe. Basically I am trying to cut out all processed food, eat most proteins in the morning. Veggies Greener better for you rawer better but not always taste wise. 

As I go I will be adjusting all the above according to my Dr., health, and how we track my blood tests and results.

Results for week 2
The thing I am most excited about is ENERGY!!! I do not know what to relate it to but I feel amped all day. I mean I do not even need a cup of coffee and I love my coffee.
I wake up alert and ready to go.
I also lost 11 pounds which I thought was pretty good. That makes 20 in two week I am very happy about that. I will not weigh again for 4 weeks but I hope I can stay in this direction. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quick snack #1

Just a quick snack that is easy and not to expensive is get thin sliced turkey breast (lean and low sodium) next take some bell peppers and or other veggie fixings and just roll them in a slice of turkey.   

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wind right out of my sails.

Another disappointing day. I go to get the Total Gym out and think well I will see just how much weight it can hold just in case. Go on line do some digging and the model I have says it can only hold 350 ponds, well that sucks! I paid $1,500 bucks for this thing (many years ago) and when I do go to pull it out and use it I am now to FAT. OK I can take it I bought a real nice Trek Navigator 300 a few years back I will do some quick checking but surly it can hold me I want to do some thing today. NOPE 300 pounds ! Does know one expect a fat person to try and exorcise any talk about feeling like someone kicked me in my ribs today. ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Week one

Ok week one where to start. I have tried many diets and done a ton of studying over my life struggle with obesity. At this point I can not even stand for more then a few minutes with out it hurting my back so bad I have to sit down so exercise is out. Diet pills have never worked and all other fad diets have failed me.

STEP ONE  Water!!! OK let me explain. Water is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It also works well as a filler if you are full of water you will eat less. Also if you drinking a lot of water you start to get rid of water weight. Plus if you are always drinking water it leaves little to no room for pop or other drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup. No matter what any one ever tries to tells you  fructose corn syrup is terrible for you. Your body can not break it down and it just makes you fat period, I am living proof.
So how much water do I drink and when. My rule of thumb is to try and drink one once of water for every pound you weigh. One half once per pound is the minimum. I try and drink 40+ OZ before I eat anything in the morning even before I have my coffee. Do not take me wrong I take my coffee very seriously so serously I have a Technivorm Moccamaster CD thermo.

So week one results 9 pounds lost. Not bad although I am willing to bet most of it is water weight but any weight is good now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Exercise What THAT?

It has been so long sense I have done anything physical. I mean anything, I do not even walk anymore then I half to. So where do I start I get tired just typing about it. How pathetic is that?  That is rhetorical I know it is pathetic.
So I tried a walk and I barley maid it over a block before I had to turn back because how bad my back was hurting and my legs were already starting to burn. Definitely did not feel like I accomplished anything other then what an overwhelming and sad shape of affairs I am in. Felt like the fat kid in gym class watching every one else climb the rope when I could not even hold my own weight up. A day of defeat.

Shopping Tip #1

Stay to the outside of the store. Most of the better fresher foods are on the outside edge of the grocery store. Most of the heavy processed and preservative food is in the middle. The more the packaging the worse the food is a good rule of thumb. Think about it.

Where to start

My story is like many others and seems to have many starts to weight loss, you name the diet I tried it.
I have been over weight all my life. I was the fat kid from the first day of school.

 So what is new now and why start a blog about it.
Three months ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, two months ago my blood pressure jumper from 120's over 70's to 150's over 100's and has staid there sense. That is not to high but it is a large enough step just out of the blue. On top of that when I stepped on the scale two weeks ago it said 480 that is only 20 pound short of a 1/4 of a ton. 480 pounds on a 5'6" frame is a bmi of like 77 I was finally scared and shocked. Looking at my condition I knew I am only a few very short steps to being bedridden or dead!
Things change now.