Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#45 IT FITS my jacket fits

I love to ride motorcycles. I mean I try and ride every day. Well I have an air jacket that I have not been able to wear for six years. I would have gotten a bigger one but they do not make them in fat man sizes. So like anyone I have been telling my self I will just lose the weight so it fits. Six years latter it now fits once again. Still tight but it fits. So I hope by next riding season I will need to buy a new one. But this time in a more normal man size.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

#44 I can do that.

Here awhile back I posted something about walmart and needing the bench: lets-get-movin. Well yesterday Marshalltown was having a festival down town with a car show. My lovely bride wanted to go so, OK I say with a bit of fear in the back of my mind. See last time I went to a festival downtown was almost tragic to me.
Walking to it was painful by the time we had walked the 1/2 block I was looking for a place to sit. Well to cut to the chase we only stayed a short time. I was soaked in sweat and hurting so bad I did not even want to try and walk back to the car. I was mortified in many ways with the experience. So yesterday when we went I had this in the back of my head. Actually it was in my head bad enough I remembered the pain in detail. However this time we parked a full block over (easier parking) and walked to the festival. As we approached my wife and youngest had to use the restroom. This is where I would normally look for a place to sit but not this time. This time We had cars to go see! So my oldest and I took off for the car shouting over our shoulder we will be checking the cars out!!!!
We looked at the cars up one side of the road then down the other. Then we took the girls to bounce in one of the blow up things and checking out Mator. I never sat once and this is after elliptical races at the gym and working out some. Sure I was tired but tired is fine. I was not in so much pain I was short of breath or almost crying either. I can deal with tired at the end of the day in fact I strive for it. That just means I have done something worth while!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

#43 Days that Do not end!!!

Ring Ring!!! ring Ring. Hello "Ya Corey we can not get in to the gym" "oh this is xxxxxx xxxxxx" Ok I will be there in a bit.
I jump up out of bed 8am because I had decided last night I was going to sleep in because I did not have to work till 1pm the next day. I even watched that movie and stayed up later then normal. Throw some clothes on tell the wife I will be back in a half hour the computer at the gym must not of come back on after the power went out multiple times last night. Get to the gym and our great members are waiting patiently to get in. Get the comment "ANYTIME huh?" Well Anytime on call I respond and get a chuckle. Well after rebooting the computer the security system is not working right. The key fob reader is not reading keys. NO ONE can get into the gym. An hour and a half on the phone and computer with tech support and you guessed it. You need parts and a tech. So the 24 hour gym is not 24 hour. So off to home grab lunch then to other job. Call the guy working at other job to see if he will close for me so I can get back up to the gym with us not having to lock members out. 10 min of him complaining whining like a 14 year old girl the answer is no. WHY NOT JUST SAY NO YOU IDIOT and stop wasting my time!!!! Sorry sore spot. So off to second job boring day but pulled my back out of whack. So now my back is killing me and did I mention very boring day no one came in. When some one did my back hurt enough that I know I was less then my usual happy self. So off work now race up to the gym to open up for people who want to work out. Well I am here and there are very few people coming in. So I sit here writing my day down to you.
Why you may ask? Because I am starving, not really but I want to eat and I know I have had enough food for the day. So why am I hungry? I know exactly why. Have you ever had a day that all you wanted to do was munch? Tell the truth, I know you have. I have had at least 2-3 oz of chia seeds as well as 2 1/2 tuna sandwiches, A very large serving of chicken and rice. More food then I usually need to eat.
Now to the reason I am hungry!!!
1. I did not get much sleep. This affects me alot little, poor, or bad sleep makes a hungry Corey.
2. Stress, yep a little stress can go both ways. Some people can not think of food while stressed others have to have food in hand.
3. A different routine, yep it can effect how and what I eat as much as anything else.
4. Being away from home for most of my meals. I know this goes with routine but still this alone makes snack choices hard unless I am prepared.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

#42 Gym Joke 102

An older guy (not in the very best of shape) was working out in the gym when he spotted a sweet young thing...
He asked the trainer who was nearby "What machine in here should I use to impress that sweet thing over there?"
The trainer looked him up and down and said
"I would try the ATM in the lobby"

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#41 making a difference Makes a difference

Ya that title probably makes more sense in my head then it does when you read it. However while working at the gym I get to be face to face with a lot of people and no matter if they are trying to bulk up, build endurance, build strength, or lose weight. They all have the same goal generally to have a healthier life style and to be in better shape. The more I have learned about fitness in general is that all these goals are approached the same way. That is a topic I will have to go into more depth later. However the point I am making is that all these people come in and a lot of them turn to me for advice, an ear to bend or just be a constant.
It really gives me a lot of accountability. Most people are lucky to have one person to be accountable to. I have an entire gym that looks at me and many ask every time they see me How I am doing. They like to know how my diet or nutritional intake as I like to say is. They also like to know how my weight loss is going and even my workouts at times.
So if I slack I feel super guilty and like I am letting so many people down. Which this is a good and bad thing. When I am doing good I feel great and get tons of encouragement. When I am doing bad it makes it almost unbearable to look people in the eye and help others.  It is however a feeling that drives me to achieve my goals and be accountable and an example of those who keep an eye on me and my journey.
The greatest thing though is when I see some one that I have worked with or is driven by my achievements is an amazing thing. It lights up my day so bright every one near me will know. Mainly because I will tell them but still it is great!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

#40 Expense paid Trip to Washington DC

I am so excited. I got this wonderful email saying I was invited as a VIP to Washington DC for the Anytime Fitness Conference. 
I know that many do not understand how cool this is other then OK it is a free trip. Well Anytime Fitness is the world largest coed 24 hour gym. Which I do work for one of the franchise owners. 
So here is the really Cool part, At least for me. I was not given this because I work at one of the franchises, or how good I clean a shower or toilet. But Because of my participation on Anytime Health Which is the coolest site to be a part of. That is what I was told. I do not know for sure if my participation on the site is really worth a free trip to Washington. What ever the reason I am so excited to be able to go. I do not think my boss was going to send me. They think it is for owners only. 
I will have a ton of opportunities to learn even more about the industry and mingle with some of the best people in industry. I know I learned so much at vitals I can not wait for conference.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

#39 What is your focus?

When I go to the gym some times I have really great days. Some ya know are just kind of so so. Sometimes they are just down right despicable. I feel no motivation, have little energy, and feel week as can be. So Why is that?
What knocks you off track?
I know there are alot of things that can really throw me off.
It is weird how so  many things work together. There is sleep with out enough I eat more do less and just all around bad things. Food or nutrition if I eat poor quality food that is not very nutrient packed I lack in every thing even sleep.
However the biggest factor of a great day is what I am focused on. If my mind is wondering or I am thinking about something at home, work or anything else I am not having a great day.
I find that if I am focused not only on my goals but my end results I have a great work out. I go as far as visualize what I want that part of my body to look like when I get to my goal weight. I also try and focus on all the reasons I want to lose weight. I also like to have a inspiration to look at as well. It really is a great kick in the but when you can look at some one who will not give up until they achieve  there goals.
So keep you focus on your goals, keep the reasons why you are losing weight close to you and fresh on your mind. Lastly make sure you have people to lean on as well as follow when needed.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

#38 Weekend laziness.

I really have  a hard time being as active as I need to be on the weekends. Most would think this would be the easiest. But I just want to relax and do little to nothing. It is a challenge still with the girls. They are so active and I just tire out and have a hard keeping up.
I have found I can not stay at home. If I do my activity is next to none. As long as I am out and about I am alot more active. That is one reason I love having the Cycle. It is really a great get away and I can stop and check things out getting some activity. Looks like it is time for a ride.

Friday, July 15, 2011

#37 Lets get moving.

A breath of fresh air. You know when it hits you your nose just kind of follows it. Well I had a similar feeling tonight. We had to go to the over sized super store Wally world which I try and protest in every way for my own personal reasons. After walking around for a bit it was time for the girls bathroom break. As I took a seat on a bench I have sat on many times I realize I am not sitting out of necessity as I used to have to. In all honesty I would look forward to the bathroom break so I could get a break as well. In fact I would encourage it at times. Back to my point by the time the one girl was done I was wanting to get moving again it felt great not needing the rest, so I was excited to get moving. I know this sound little to many. But for the few of us that have and are fighting morbid obesity it is a huge step. So if you are sitting on every bench you come across I have been there. You can, one day soon skip one and then another until it no longer hurts for you to just stand or walk. Keep moving and Keep  pushing!!!

#36 finally 100 pounds lost.

Yes finally I have now lost over 100 pounds. Talk about such a great feeling. I am so excited I could scream from the roof top. I literally try and tell every one. Sounds kinda crazy to be excited to weigh 377 pounds. However I am. I now feel like I have more of a right to speak about weight loss. Before I felt how can I tell anyone anything sense I had not done what I thought was significant. Now I feel I have. I have lost over 1/5th of my starting body weight. It feels like I have a new found motivation. So lets get moving now only 200 more to go.
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