Thursday, September 29, 2011

#60 Just hanging with some friends

Just hanging out with some friends at conference. Having a good time. Thank god no plank challenges at the pub.

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#59 my hotel room view

I do not know how good or bad this cell phone pic is but this is a teaser of this awesome room that Anytime Fitness/ Health got me. I really do love AF AH every one treats me so great. I have only had one challange thankfully I am just exusted but the down side it was in the airport here in D.C. But I gave my plank face in the floor. Going to take a quick nap before dinner.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

#58 How to travel

Well tomorrow will be my first time on a plane. As I said previously Anytime Fitness has given me an all expense paid trip to D.C. For the annual AF conference. I do not even know what to take for clothes. I have not bought much that fits for the simple fact last spring when I bought some much needed pants (tight pants) I under grew them in less then a month. I did not realize how nervous I was until I got to work 30 min early. As I go through my list of things to pack I realize what am I allowed to take on a plane. I mean what are they going to say about my chia seeds in a old honey jar. I do not want to take a new tube that is just too much and takes too much space. So do the people at the airport freak out on little black and white seeds being carried in an old unmarked jar? I would hate to be strip searched over some chia seeds. I just do not know. So with my ramblings you can see how may day is going. I just hope I can sleep good tonight and early. I have to be up by 3:00A.M. To make it to my plane on time allowing the prescribed 2 hours for security. Well off for now but before I go I will add my challenge. I know I will not be at the gym but I know there are many fitness fanatics that will be with me tomorrow. Almost 800 last I heard. That some read this so I may be in some serious pain. So here it is if you comment on this post you have the ability to challenge me to a 20 sec plank. I know 20 sec is not a lot but I know after a few challenges I get worn out. So there you have it. Have a great weekend and hope to get a good workout on.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

#57 you like to see me work

Well yesterday did not go as bad as I thought it would. Luckily not as many people came in to make me work off the pizza as I thought there would have been. However some of you that missed the opportunity have suggested that I have a challenge more often. So here it is once a week I will post a challenge for the next day. How it will work is, as long as you leave a comment on my blog and lose LB or die FaceBook page. I have to do the challenge like for yesterday it was I had to do what you did for 5 min. So I will post a challenge by 10:30 the night before, the rest will be up to you and whoever else is following and decides to make me sweat.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

# 56 My baby is 3

Well today was my youngest daughters 3rd birthday. All day just crawled by I could not stay focused on anything and seemed to get nothing done. But as soon as I got home the day was not long enough. We had such a great time. Even though things did not go as planed as usual. I get home and

Thursday, September 15, 2011

#55 Long days?

Some times our lives get busy. What am I talking about our lives always seem busy and it is when I am at my busiest two bad things happen. One is I get so caught up I do not eat. I know this sounds like a great thing but then it hits me. Thats right those

Friday, September 9, 2011

How quickly we go back

I have one of the best jobs in the world. I work as an h2i for an Anytime Fitness. However, some days I feel a lot of helplessness and am very sad. I feel this way when I see some one who needs a life style change and they start off making the commitment needed but then they lose motivation and just go back to their old ways. I really wish