Monday, October 17, 2011

#65 HTC Hero S Video review

Well for the past 6 months I have been limping along my piece of junk (cell phone) I did a thorough search when I bought it and though I found a great phone. but unfortunately in two years I have went through 4 htc touch pro 2's they just can not seem to make it past 6 months of my use. Unfortunately both my wife's 2 year old and very beat up phone and my phone all but quit this last week so of to us cellular we go. I did not find a lot of info online or reviews so I just had to go with the best guess and by playing with the phones the best I could.
I ended up with an HTC Hero S so I thought I would post a quick little video.
I know I do not do cell phone reviews but I could not find anything on the HTC Hero S.
So here I am sharing (very poorly)

The camera I am most impressed with it is
pretty fast to use and the pics are really good for a cell. and not bad for a point and shoot. It is a 5mp f2.2 aperture BSI sensor. BSI is Backside Illumination. The down side is there is no dedicated camera button. I mean I do like a clean non cluttered phone. It only has the volume rocker and power button as far a buttons go and a head set jack and m usb for charging and linking.
The overall speed and ease of use is such a big improvement over my previous phone that it is hard for me to give a good non biased opinion. However I did play with the Motorola Electrify a lot as well and it did not seem faster even though it has a  1GHz dual core processor while the Hero S 1.2 GHz single.
It is easy to talk highly of such an upgrade but almost any phone out would been serious upgrade. All in all I think most people would find the HTC Hero S to be a good phone. Any thing else you want to know just leave a comment and I will do my best to get back to you.

Here are some photos from the HTC Hero S

Sunset over Toledo iowa. I am surprised at the DR and the auto ISO does a really good job this is at ISO 224

Here is a scene out at the studio and as you can see that the brighter high contrast is pushing the limits and the CA is getting distracting but this is not a working camera. For  a phone it is doing rather well.

 Photo wise it may not be an Iphone 4s  but it does a good job for what it is.

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