#1 Meals & Snacks

This page is just a list of my favorite meals, snacks, and foods  as well as there value.
It will take me awhile to get it put together so please check back as I will be adding more all the time.

1:Chia Seeds.
Yep cha cha cha CHIA pet.
These little things are Awesome to add to your arsenal of weight loss and overall nutritious diet.
In one oz (28g) dried Chia seeds contains
Protein 4g
Good Fat 9g 57% of which is ALA
Fiber 11g
They are also a great source for essential minerals phosphorus, manganese, calcium, potassium, and more.
They are said to have more antioxidants then blue berries, more iron then spinach, more calcium then milk, more omega 3's then salmon.
I eat at least one scoop a day and it really does help curve my eating and even seems to give me a little boost of energy through out the day. They can also be added to almost every thing with very little taste they all but disappear in some foods and just add some texture to others.
I will share some food and snacks I use them with down the page.

2: Tuna Spinach salad.
1 can Light Tuna in Water
Fresh Spinach as much as you want.
2% cottage cheese 1/2 cup (or lighter if you like)
fresh jalapinos  (optional)
Avocado About 1.2 oz
Almonds unsalted natural 14
Total Calories 395, Protein 45g, Carbs 15g, Fat 18g
Feel free to add what ever you would like to this. It is a real interesting mixture of textures and can be very addictive.


3: Atlantic Salmon and my favorite greens,
Atlantic Salmon 232 Calories, 0g Carbs, and 25g of Protein
Cottage Cheese,
Total Fat: 16g / 151cals, Carbs: 17g / 68 cals, Protein: 47 / 187 cals, 


4: ?